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Providing Exceptional Mission Critical Project Consulting Services

Project & Design Management

Design, construction, and project management of data centers, lithium battery manufacturing, healthcare, renewable energy projects and other complex and mission critical projects.

Data Center Consulting

Providing site selection and development, including negotiations and strategy for purchase or lease, economic development incentives, design and energy efficiency solutions, construction management, operational leadership and more.

Utility Negotiations

Providing utility negotiations for capacity (utility connection costs) and energy (rate and other procurement). Review of lower cost options, integration with onsite energy, substation projects, and managing utilities to complete their service connections on schedule and at lower cost, as well as increase incentives for renewables and energy efficiency options.

Energy Consulting

Self-generation options with natural gas turbines or reciprocating engines, wind turbines, solar PV and thermal options, and development of these projects. Design utility cost forecasts and control strategies, including long-term purchasing decisions and hedging strategies.

Business Development

With our extensive network and experience, we can help grow your business.

Product Development

We can provide market research, SWOT analysis, prototyping, product design, prototype results, business plan development, funding options, over strategy as to how best to proceed and grow.

Sustainability Design

With many years of work in sustainability well before there was the word, KC even created a focused business management degree in sustainability before there were sustainability degrees, we provide creative guidance to reduce your operational cost and impacts.

Solar and Wind Power Plant Development

We can determine wind or solar power resources and work with local community members and leaders to develop a power plant.

Investment Consultation

Retained consultant or hired as needed to venture capital, institutional, large private equity funds, and hedge fund managers investing in the data center, high-tech, lithium battery and other energy sectors.

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