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The Olivier Sanche Tree and Room @ eBay

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

This week I had the pleasure of not only flying on 8 Southwest flights in one week–I believe this may be a new record for me of flights in one week on the same airline–but I also had the pleasure and privilege to tour ebay’s Topaz data center.

While we all know that I wouldn’t release any confidential data. Having been in the data center industry now for well over a decade, worked for Yahoo, Google, Sun, BEA, and completed large data center projects for financial institutions, banks, government entities, educational and research entities, Facebook, Equinix, and many others, I know and understand the importance and value to not only my reputation but also the importance of maintaining other’s confidential information. So, I will not share anything more about the data center—you can learn from what is already available from public sources.

However, I do want to comment on one item that I did see which does not have any confidentiality tied to it—the Olivier Sanche Memorial Tree and conference room. It touched me very much. Olivier and I were working on a project and talking just literally two days before he passed. Olivier and I were the exact same age. His job at Apple was essentially the same as mine at Yahoo. And at the time he passed, we were both running fast, traveling to many countries, several continents and states each month. We were trying to do everything we could to support our growing data center demand at the lowest cost and the highest energy efficiency as possible, and to help the industry achieve more as well by collaborating, sharing and guiding. And just as he touched my heart and those of many others in the data center industry, he managed to be the best dad possible.

While I enjoyed touring the ebay data center, it was the moment I spent reading Olivier’s memorial against the now small tree yet growing in size to eventually become a large icon in the entrance of this facility. It was that moment under this tree, and reading the memorial, that I once again remembered Olivier, and the touching reminder of how he touched many.

I applaud the fine folks for the very kind memorial to Olivier—we should all strive to support each other, work together, collaborate, and most of all, enjoy each other’s company. Not get out there and do something good today.

Au revoir Olivier Sanche

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Data center leader Olivier Sanche passed away Thursday as reported in Data Center Knowledge of a reported heart attack. It is with great sadness to hear this news. Olivier was an industry friend, a fellow leader of energy efficiency ideas. He was blessed with thinking differently about approaches to data centers, a trait he developed before working for Apple, Inc, where he has provided global data center leadership since August of last year.

Olivier and I shared many ideas together at industry meetings about metrics, efficiency and often the sharing the same message, that still the most efficient data center is the one we do not build.

He shared many great experiences and moments with others as well, as written by David Ohara and Mike Manos.

I know the Apple team will miss him terribly, as he was loved by the team of fine folks there, helping to drive positive change within the organization he was building and thinking differently about data center solutions.

It was only a month ago that he and I shared a dinner together. He shared his love of his daughter and his passion for wanting the most environmentally efficient and sustainable data centers. Just over a week ago we exchanged emails, phone conversations and in typical Olivier style, several text messages.

A few months ago we were sitting next to each other with Chris Page of Yahoo at a data center conference, and we shared frustration about how most of the speakers were selling product instead of sharing ideas. He was fun to be around.

I have many other fond memories of Olivier, in which he shared his passion and visions for a more sustainable data center industry. Olivier, your ideas and passion will be sorely missed. You will be missed as a data center leader. But even more so, for certain, your love for your family and daughter.

Au revoir Olivier. We will raise a toast to you.